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Lemon Oil - Swiss Army Knife Of Oils

When space is at a premium and you need an all-purpose tool, it's hard to beat a Swiss Army Knife (or in my case, I use a Leatherman).

These multi-purpose tools hold an assortment of tools and fold up into a compact package.  The Swiss Army Knife was popularized in the MacGyver TV series from 1980's, where MacGyver is constantly using his Swiss Army Knife to solve all sorts of problems.

When I think of essential oils, Lemon is the one that comes to my mind as the all-purpose "Swiss Army Knife" of oils.

Here are just some of the many things you can do with Lemon Essential Oil... Continue reading

Oregano - The Herb For This Season


Hearing much of that lately?  Bless you… or Gesundheit!

Sneezing is actually one of the body's defense mechanisms against airborne pathogens (translation: cold and flu bugs that float around in the air). The force of the sneeze expels those nasty little ‘bugs’ and sends them on their way… hopefully.

But just in case, we like to jump right in and help support our bodies defense system. It’s called the Immune system, and it’s an amazing network of many different little ‘good guys’ that work hard to protect us. But sometimes we need a little ‘help’ to support that amazing defense system.

Let me introduce you to one of our friends: Oregano Oil Continue reading

How We Use Charcoal At Our Homestead

Activated charcoal is one of those marvelous substances that is so often overlooked.  But on our homestead, we use it quite frequently for everything from upset stomachs to bee stings.

In this video, Lisa will demonstrate the 3 methods that we use for applying charcoal, and a bunch of extra info from her years of personal experience and work at health centers. Continue reading

Smoked Out? Here's My #1 Favorite Off Grid Air Purifier

Much of the West is covered in smoke at the moment. It has been a rugged fire season.

As terrible as the fires are, their effects filter throughout huge areas of the nation, leaving polluted air for millions of people to breathe.  And unlike city pollution, heading out of town won't save you from this stuff.

We live in a remote area, and at one time the smoke was so bad that it would burn your nose within less than a minute of being outside! And for weeks we have hardly been able to let the kids play outside. Every now and then the air quality improves for a day or two and then it gets bad again.

Time To Take Action

Our oldest child was sneezing and coughing more and more, alerting us that this air quality issue is not a figment of our imaginations. And with the specter of more fires in the future, we finally decided to clean up the air in our home.

After much research, I zeroed in on an air purifier that does a good job, is reasonably priced, and is SUPER efficient for running off the grid. Continue reading

Stomach Bugs & The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life

It was the most embarrassing day of my life!  A stomach bug caused me to throw up for the first time ever...while presenting a seminar to a large audience!

And I'll share the most amazing option for dealing with stomach bugs when they strike.

I was a twenty-something bachelor at the time.  Having presented dozens of seminars at small to medium-sized venues, this was my first time to speak at a large location with potentially thousands of attendees.

I was excited and intimidated at the same time.  It was exciting to help folks learn about things that I am super passionate about.  You know, things like off-grid power, country living, and independent living.

In the middle of sharing the most valuable tips that I could pack into one-hour slots, it happened.  If memory serves me right, it was the third day out of 5. Continue reading

Home Remedies for Insect Bites

Just about the time we start REALLY enjoying the beautiful summer-like weather in late spring, those tiny little vampires arrive--Mosquitos.

Each spring, just before they arrive, Nick and I always seem to have the same conversation: "Hey, the mosquitos aren't here yet. Maybe, just maybe they won't be bad this year..." Then they show up with a vengeance.

And again we wage battle, striving to find ways to minimize their impact.

In an upcoming post we plan on sharing some great tips for keeping mosquitoes away, but right now we are focusing on how to deal with those painful bites--naturally.

So here are just a few of the home remedies for insect bites that we have found to really help in our family... Continue reading

Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Hormones. Doesn’t it make the hair on the back of your neck stand up (especially for you fellas that live with us ladies)?

Hormones can be really frustrating and a huge blessing also (when they are balanced properly). And I’m sure you’re all familiar with the saying, ‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.’

My Story...

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Simple Natural Remedy - Rocket Fuel

When anyone in our family gets a head cold, flu, sore throat, or similar ailments, we throw a number of weapons at it.  One of our first lines of defense is herbal essential oils like the On-Guard blend.  They are SO easy to use and effective as well.

But we find it's often a good idea to use a number of remedies simultaneously.  Very often we'll also use hydrotherapy treatments as well, with excellent results.

But I'll have to say that one of our favorite (and tastiest) remedies is what we call "rocket fuel".  This is NOT a nasty concoction like you may have tried in the past (does "Russian Penicillin" come to mind?).  You actually make this drink taste good.  If it doesn't taste good then you either added too much cayenne/ginger/garlic or you didn't add enough honey (the more likely problem).  Raw honey is good for you and will soothe your throat, so don't be too stingy with it.

So here is what goes in this awesome drink... Continue reading

Natural Fungal Toe Nail Recipe

Dealing with fungus in the toe or finger nails can be quite difficult. I have known many people who have struggled with this issue and tried, what seems like, everything- yet that fungus remained.

The one thing that I have seen work, albeit slowly, is sea water. One person that I know had awful athletes foot, but after a vacation where the feet were almost always in the water, they almost completely healed up. Really, he needed an extra week or two to completely get rid of it. I think all of us would like that cure- a month vacation on a warm beach!

But for those of us who aren't able to enjoy that luxury, here is another simple recipe that has worked for some... Continue reading