How We Use Charcoal At Our Homestead

Published by: Lisa Meissner

Charcoal on our homestead

Activated charcoal is one of those marvelous substances that is so often overlooked.  But on our homestead, we use it quite frequently for everything from upset stomachs to bee stings.

In this video, Lisa will demonstrate the 3 methods that we use for applying charcoal, and a bunch of extra info from her years of personal experience and work at health centers.

If you don't have a source for charcoal, you can find activated charcoal on Amazon and help our blog (without it costing you a penny).

Also, you can read about using charcoal with stomach bugs here.

What Have You Successfully Used Charcoal For?
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  1. Chrystal

    If possible, could you add the info at the bottom of the videos. My internet out in the woods isn't the greatest. 😉

  2. Charlotte Boord

    Do you have a transcript, or a cheat sheet with the information? I have so many problems watching videos on my old computer.
    Thanks, Charlotte

  3. Vicki

    I have used charcoal for stomach upsets, nausea etc but the biggest result i got was with an embedded paralysis tick on my son's back. The swelling was so big, I can't believe he didn't know it was there.
    I used charcoal mixed with flaxseed oil and made a paste which i placed onto my son's back over the tick bite and used it day and night for 3 days. The result was a pin prick; amazing stuff!!! NEVER TOUCH THE CHARCOAL AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED WITH IT! ⚘

  4. Debbie Cox

    Brushing teeth to whiten.
    Upset stomach.
    Abscess on gums.
    Poison parsnip blisters.
    Wounds (but you get a tattoo).
    Face paint (my kids!).

  5. Garth

    Use a charcoal poultice for gout. Morning and night. After 3 days you are pretty much good to go. A fantastic way to treat gout. One more thing — drink 3 to 4 guarts of water each day. It flushes the acids from your system. Do not drink soda drinks especially diet soda. Use a reclaimed cottage cheese container to mix ground flax with water then add the charcoal using a large wooden stick. These items wash off easy and excess materials may be refrigerated for the next poultice.

  6. Surrelam

    What do you mean by "it poofs"?

    • Nick Meissner

      Hi there,

      If you put the charcoal in a cup and pour the water in after, you'll get a cloud of black charcoal dust that floats out of the cup. That is what is meant by "poofs" :-).

      Take care!

  7. Donna F.

    I work in home health..... This would be for a wound. A half dollar sized "cancer growth" on left side of face, right forehead, over right eye. They think it is cancer...and she keeps touching it and causing it to seep pus like drainage. It is red, swollen. So... Would love to put a poultice on this! What can be done? Thanks

    • Lisa

      Please see a Dr for a wound on the face. Go to emergency room. Could be much more serious.

  8. Sue

    Do you ever use a poultice and have it tattoo the skin? Sue

  9. TS

    I agree that a cheat sheet would be awesome. I only have computer at work so a quick print out would be marvelous so I don't miss the very useful information.


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