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Old Fashioned Postpartum Remedy

A couple of months ago, we had our first child! The joy of finally meeting the bright little face that had been in obscurity for so long fails of finding words to describe. Still months later, we are enjoying every blessed minute of this precious little life. But this has got me to thinking that we have lost so much of the 'hand-me-down' knowledge from our Grandma's. So I decided to share with you an old fashioned postpartum remedy that I've been using.

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The Deadliest Pandemic Part 2

In 1918 the Spanish influenza was one of the deadliest pandemics this country has ever faced. Yet, it wasn't without hope. Every other method seemed to avail little, but a simple treatment using water was found to be very successful in treating the deadly flu. It was called the Fomentation Treatment. Don't miss part 1 of this series: The Deadliest Pandemic Part 1. Here's the history & how to do the treatment:

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