Toenail Fungus Recipe

Natural Fungal Toe Nail Recipe

Dealing with fungus in the toe or finger nails can be quite difficult. I have known many people who have struggled with this issue and tried, what seems like, everything- yet that fungus remained.

The one thing that I have seen work, albeit slowly, is sea water. One person that I know had awful athletes foot, but after a vacation where the feet were almost always in the water, they almost completely healed up. Really, he needed an extra week or two to completely get rid of it. I think all of us would like that cure- a month vacation on a warm beach!

But for those of us who aren't able to enjoy that luxury, here is another simple recipe that has worked for some...

Natural Fungal Nail Recipe

2 cups Vinegar
½ oz. Calendula
½ oz. Myrrh
½ oz. Black Walnut

Combine in a jar with a tight lid and soak in dark place for three weeks.  Shake jar daily.  After three weeks, strain, rinse jar, and return liquid to jar, discarding herb solids. Apply one drop to base of nail twice a day.


  Have you tried something successfully for your fungal nail problem? What was it?