Baking With a Wood Cook Stove

A wood cook stove is one of those indispensable tools on a homestead.  Operating it is fairly straightforward, but many people seem to have difficulty with baking. I'll have to say though, after using one myself, I'd prefer cooking and baking on one! Seriously, you can taste the difference.

Unlike an electric or gas oven, the heat source is variable. It all depends on which side of the oven is the firebox. If the firebox is on the right side of the oven, plan on that side being hotter than the left side. Also the type of wood you use will make a HUGE difference in how hot you can get the temperature. Other variables include things like air control settings, how long ago the wood was added to the fire, how large a bed of coals you have, etc.

Amish Made Wood Cook Stoves

Modern designs have made some wonderful improvements making it easier to bake in a wood cook stove. The newer Amish made wood cook stoves (such as the Flame View) have lessened those challenges, but it is virtually impossible to eliminate it entirely. But once you learn the basics and get a little experience under your belt, it is simply wonderful!

In this video clip, presented by Susan Fenoff of Stove & More, you will learn the basic techniques of how to deal with the unique characteristics of a wood cook stove and turn out delicious, properly baked food (including bread!).


This clip is taken from the DVD Getting Started With Wood Cook Stoves.  For expert help with all your wood cook stove needs, contact Daniel and Susan Fenoff with Stoves & More.

Lisa Meissner

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