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This comprehensive collection includes every DVD and book that we a huge discount.

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You have likely heard of our practical homesteading DVDs that have helped literally thousands of folks across the world learn the practical nuts and bolts skills they need to become as independent as possible from the systems of the world.  I’m particularly concerned about how utterly dependent almost everyone is on "the system" for their most basic necessities of life--such as water, heat, and food.

For years, we've been steadily producing more and more training DVDs by numerous experts, in an effort to shorten your learning curve and save you the time and money that would be lost from needless mistakes.

We’re talking about skills like gardening, dealing with fruit trees, developing a springhead, food preservation, wood cookstoves, natural remedies, and much more.

Really, we just want to see you succeed, and time and again we have seen what an incredible impact it makes to have access to the right training ahead of time.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of chasing down rabbit trails, wasting my time and money by trying out some hair-brained theory dreamed up by an armchair "expert" and posted on Youtube. I don't have time for that.

I want solid info presented by an instructor with lots of real-world experience. I want to learn the methods that just plain work. That's what our DVDs are all about, and now you’ll be able to have them all.

This comprehensive collection includes every DVD and book that we a huge discount.

The Complete Collection is conveniently packaged as 9 standalone items—7 separate DVD sets (totaling 34 DVDs) and 2 books.  It's easy to find what you are looking for in the separate packages, and each of these 9 standalone items would make a wonderfully substantive gift for someone you really care about.  So you can keep all or part of it yourself, or you end up with 9 awesome gifts!

Included in this set are:

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