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An expert teaches his proven methods for growing your own food.

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Packed with over 9 hours of intensive instruction, this 6-DVD set is essential training for anyone serious about gardening.

Bob Gregory of Berea Gardens runs an incredible 5-day training course at his farm in West Virginia.  We have personally taken this course and highly recommend it to any person who is serious about successfully taking control of their food supply.  CLICK HERE for more info about this course.  After implementing the principles taught in this class, we personally saw a dramatic improvement in our garden.

Unfortunately, not everyone can take off from work for a week, travel to West Virginia, and register for Bob's excellent 5-day course.  To meet the needs of those individuals, Bob distilled much of the core elements of his training course into this 6-DVD set with over 9 hours of expert training.  While this set cannot replace taking the in-person course, it is the next best thing.

As Bob says, "The scientifically proven concepts and practices explained in these videos are the essential keys to your success in growing food, whether you are an experienced market farmer or just planting your first garden.  Everything taught in this series will work 100% of the time and is applicable anywhere on the globe.  Gain the benefit of learning the most important lessons I have gleaned from over 40 years of highly professional agricultural experience to grow the most abundant and healthful food possible in ways that are safe for you, for your crops and for the environment."

As a Certified Crop Consultant, agronomist, farmer, and educator, Bob Gregory has over 40 years of experience with traditional, sustainable and organic farming methods.

Classroom sessions in this 6-DVD set cover the history of modern agriculture and use recent developments with “big agri-business” to demonstrate the importance of growing our own food.  A step-by-step approach for balancing your soil is then presented, followed by extensive segments on dealing with problems in the garden such as diseases, insects, and weeds.  Finally, an entire section is spent discussing seed types, seed storage, and how to become sustainable by saving them.

Hands-on segments demonstrate how to take a soil sample for analysis, fencing options for protection from animals, and seed starting strategies.

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DVD Overview
  • DVD 1:  Historical Overview - A phenomenal look at where our current agricultural practices came from and why some of them are so dangerous.  Bob was an industry insider for decades and speaks with a very informed criticism about GMO's, many chemical fertilizers, and other issues.  Not only are these issues brought out, but clear explanation is given to detail why these practices are dangerous.
  • DVD 2 & 3:  Soil - A clear and succinct method to help you bring your soil into balance and turn it into a food production engine.  Includes instruction on not only WHAT to do but also WHY you should do it.  This training alone is worth the cost of the class or DVDs!
  • DVD 4 & 5:  Problems in the Garden - The most common gardening question is "What do I spray for ____?" (you can fill in the blank).  While spraying may at times become necessary, these DVDs present a revolutionary method for dealing with problems in the garden.  You will find an approach that deals with the problem rather than simply attacking the symptoms.  Issues involving insects, animals and weeds are covered, with particular emphasis on handling plant diseases (the most frequent garden problem).
  • DVD 6:  Seeds - What you need to know about seeds.  Topics include what type of seeds to buy, where to buy them, how to store seeds, how to start seeds, and saving your own seeds for a sustainable garden.

6 DVDs included.  9+ hours.