Water System Example #7 - Spring & Creek Combo

Published by: Nick Meissner


There is a spring present on the property that is less than 40 vertical feet above the building site, level with it, or perhaps even below it. There is also a creek with at least 5-10 (bare minimum) gallons per minute flow that falls at least 3-5 vertical feet while it is on your property. This creek is also below the building site and the spring.  This one might get a little complicated so be sure to look at the sketch.


Almost anytime water needs to be pumped to a cistern above its current location, ram pumps are the best way to go. But ram pumps waste a lot of water, and in low water yield situations, they just wouldn’t work. Except…Rife Ram Pumps makes what is called a “double acting ram.” This ram pump uses the fall of the creek to provide the thrust and then uses that thrust to pump your spring water without contaminating it. This wastes much less of your spring water than a typical ram pump. The ram then pumps your spring water to a cistern at least 40 feet above the building site(2nd story if plumbing is there) where it “gravity flows” into your house. Or refer to Water System Example #6 if you are not able to bury a cistern at least 40 feet above the building site.


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