Water System Example #2 - Spring or Water Source Less Than 40 Feet Above House

Published by: Nick Meissner


The water source is 5 - 40 feet in elevation above your building site and produces at least 15 gallons per hour (.25 gal./min.) during the driest time of the year.


The situation described above and the solution we are about to suggest are identical to Example #1 and Solution #1 with one exception. We still have a cistern collecting water below the water source and run the water pipe from the cistern to the house. But because the water source is less than 40 feet in elevation above the building site, we will need to install a booster pump to boost our pressure to an acceptable level. This booster pump will require electricity (12, 24, or 48 volts DC or 120 volt AC), which means an alternative energy system will be needed. However, since the amount of electricity this pump uses is very small (if a good model is chosen), only a small system will be required (unless you plan to use it to power your home).


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