EMP Alerts

If you have been reading this website for some time, you are most likely aware of EMPs (electromagnetic pulse). They have a far reaching implications on any modern nation, such as impacting the power grid among many other things.  For those of you who are not familiar with this, click here for an educational press conference on the topic that aired on C-SPAN, featuring US Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.

Solar Storms

One of the ways an EMP may be created is by a very strong solar storm. The last one of huge magnitude was recorded in 1859.  We have received numerous questions about this topic and how to obtain a warning of such an event. Being able to have sufficient warning enables us to protect our sensitive equipment is before it happens.  I didn't know what to recommend until I recently happened upon the best solution I have found to date.

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center has a page dedicated to the current weather in space, including geomagnetic storms.  Even better, they also have a free email newsletter that sends out weekly predictions as well as alerts when an imminent geomagnetic solar storm is expected.  The user is able to select which alerts are sent.  Geomagnetic storm alerts are sent when observed and shortly before the impact hits earth.  And a weekly forecast may also be sent predicting the space weather for the next week.


Here is the NOAA SWPC home page

Here is the Product Subscription Service page to sign up for free email alerts

I am currently signed up for "Advisories" and "Geomagnetic Storm Warnings, Watches, Alerts and Summaries".

While we hope such an event doesn't happen, we have to recognize that is has happened in the past and we are due for it to happen again.  I would rather be armed with information and be able to make educated decisions, rather than have to react after the fact.

Nick Meissner

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