Can A 'Real' Woman Live Off the Grid?

Woman-hood and Off Grid living... Most people I meet think those two words don't belong in the same sentence. As a woman living off the grid I'm often asked what its like 'roughing' this kind of living (with two little ones, no less!). Well, let me tell you...

For starters, this summer has been a summer for STORMS! And I mean SEVERE storms. Hail, very strong wind, lightening, rain, downed trees, power outages, etc. In fact, one of our neighbors said they actually saw a tornado go through! Sorta scary! But remember, all those things happen in populated areas also!

Several of these storms left most people without power for extended periods of time. Of course, without power most people don't have water, any way to heat their homes, and no extra food stocked on the shelves (since the food in the fridge and freezer is going to go bad very quickly). One friend of ours didn't have power for 2 weeks!

You Live Off Grid?

The funniest thing about this whole situation is that since people know that we live off the grid, they just assume that we know what it's like to live without power. So inevitably people say things like, 'Oh, you know all about living without power'. Of course I always have to laugh and say, 'Actually, you know more about it than I do since we haven't had a single power outage!!'

While it is good to know how to live without power, most people don't realize that I live a very normal lifestyle. The only difference, perhaps, is that I am a little more conscience of the power I use. What I mean by that is that when I leave a room, I turn the light off - that's all, at least most of the time (except when I forget - LOL!). But during the summer months (since we have solar power) I don't even bother thinking about that either. Seem easy? It is.

Real Independence!

What is my life like? Nice long hot showers, hair blow dryers, curling irons, Vitamix blender, Kitchen Aid, Juicer, computer (yes we have internet too), electric toothbrush (yup, I use an electric toothbrush!), electric hand massager, hot air popcorn popper, and much more are all a part of my everyday lifestyle.

"Do you REALLY use a curling iron off gird?" Yes I really do… Actually, I prefer to use a straight iron to curl my hair - it works better for me. But its basically the same thing. So while some of my friends were learning how to survive without power, I was curling my hair and running my Vitamix! Of course they are welcome to come join me...

And that's what I call real independence.

Lisa Meissner

I'm a blessed wife, a proud mother, and a happy homesteader.

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