Newspaper Planter Pots

Published by: Lisa Meissner

Commercial planter pots are very nice to have, but when you are starting a LOT of new plants and your budget is tight, it could be difficult to come up with enough of them. You can use empty plastic containers like yogurt cups, or I've even used Styrofoam cups before.

Another Low Cost Option

But here is a nifty low cost option that we used this spring.  Actually, it should cost you nothing if you have some newspaper lying around.  So check it out and see what you think...

And here is a picture of my happy seedlings that came up:


  1. emmer

    as you note, the scotch tape doesn't hold well. here are two ways to avoid that problem: first, use a strip of newspaper (or other paper) long enough to wrap 3 times around the glass. then fold the bottom as you did. this is enough to hold everything together. for extra security, you can use a staple on the side of the new pot in the same position as the scotch tape would be. the bottom holds fine in a tray.

    • Lisa Meissner

      Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Pam

    Love it!!!! Thank you.

  3. grammy em

    another upgrade is to turn over the top edge about an inch--makes it sturdier. along with the 3 x around the form, the resulting pots are ready for just about anything.



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