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Howdy!  And welcome to Sustainable Preparedness.  We’d like to introduce you to this independent homesteading lifestyle that we live and love.  In fact, we hope you’ll be inspired to do it too—and we want to help!  That's what this website is all about, helping you live a modern off grid lifestyle.

Many years ago, our family jumped out of the “rat race” to live a simpler (yet modern) life.  We live off the grid with a solar system and continue to develop our new homestead deep in the mountains of Idaho.  Yes, we're starting over at a new place--if we can do it, so can you!

In the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors, we dedicate this website to each one who is dreaming of reclaiming the noble independence our forefathers cherished so dearly.

Nick & Lisa

Our online courses walk you step-by-step through starting a homestead, off grid style.

The core of our site.  In our blog, you'll find a wealth of training from our years of trial & error.

Our favorite online and in-person training events on homesteading and off grid living.

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How can you help someone with a bowl of soup,
if you are standing in the soup lines yourself?

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Learn how to reclaim independence here from training that we have produced to give you the skills you need to succeed. From preserving produce to setting up a power system suited to your needs you will be equipped to start your journey.

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