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Water Bath Canning Peaches

Harvest time is here and the food is coming from the gardens and orchards all over. Since we are only in a temporary location we don't have an orchard yet. However a good friend of ours has been helping us get produce from gleaning. Gleaning is a great way to get really great food for less. Check out your local farms to see what gleaning opportunities you might have. Every year we always get several boxes of peaches to put up for those cold long winter months. We really enjoy canned peaches.

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The Deadliest Pandemic Part 2

In 1918 the Spanish influenza was one of the deadliest pandemics this country has ever faced. Yet, it wasn't without hope. Every other method seemed to avail little, but a simple treatment using water was found to be very successful in treating the deadly flu. It was called the Fomentation Treatment. Don't miss part 1 of this series: The Deadliest Pandemic Part 1. Here's the history & how to do the treatment:

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Pressure Canning Beans

Why pressure can beans when you can store them dry? Well, actually, I store my beans dry. But for the sake of convenience I like to pressure can a batch or two up and have them on the shelf. Then at a moments notice I can have a meal with beans ready to go. And if you've ever had pressure canned beans you'll know the other reason why I pressure can mine. They are the most mouth-watering, tender beans you've ever tasted. Serious.

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