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The Deadliest Pandemic Part 2

In 1918 the Spanish influenza was one of the deadliest pandemics this country has ever faced. Yet, it wasn't without hope. Every other method seemed to avail little, but a simple treatment using water was found to be very successful in treating the deadly flu. It was called the Fomentation Treatment. Don't miss part 1 of this series: The Deadliest Pandemic Part 1. Here's the history & how to do the treatment:

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Pressure Canning Beans

Why pressure can beans when you can store them dry? Well, actually, I store my beans dry. But for the sake of convenience I like to pressure can a batch or two up and have them on the shelf. Then at a moments notice I can have a meal with beans ready to go. And if you've ever had pressure canned beans you'll know the other reason why I pressure can mine. They are the most mouth-watering, tender beans you've ever tasted. Serious.

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