Contemporary Artisan's Collection E-Book


A perfect cookbook for gardeners! Learn how to enjoy the fresh produce you just grew in your garden.

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Making a tasty meal straight from the garden is often an unfamiliar task that many find difficult.  That's where The Contemporary Artisan's Collection comes in.

In this practical cookbook, you'll get many recipes and ideas for how to make delicious meals when eating from your garden.  But it's more than just a cookbook.  It also has a host of helpful tips for storing, preserving, and using food on the homestead.

This is probably the most unique cookbook you've ever seen.

Here's a snippet from Nancy's introduction:

This Collection is the result of my desire to put together delicious, nutritious meals all year long that come straight from the garden and orchard, using purchased staples very minimally.  What a delicious way to tantalize taste buds while taking your vitamins & minerals!

The modern artisan of today has an incredible array of methods and tools that can be utilized to make food preparation and preservation easy and enjoyable!  Even if you don’t have your own garden or orchard yet, you can start right away by getting local produce from the farmer’s markets.  You’ll discover that you can eat well from this fresh produce all year long ~ not just at harvest time!  “Putting up” food was an essential part of life in yesteryear, and it’s just as important today for more contemporary reasons.

I’ve arranged the categories in this book alphabetically, according to one of the key fruits, nuts or vegetables in each dish.  Along with recipes, you’ll also find instructions on how to preserve and store various types of fresh produce, using both traditional and modern methods.  When you see an item listed in a recipe highlighted in bold, you’ll know that you can check the index and find the recipe or method for this item elsewhere in the cookbook.

So, here it is...a showcase of scrumptious recipes and instructions for year-round eating!  Yet, this is just a sampling of what you can create from your fresh summer produce!  ~Nancy