Off Grid Boot Camp Course




We are not aware of any other complete course that teaches off grid users:

  • How to calculate your power usage
  • How to accurately design your off grid power system (so it's not too large/expensive or small/unusable)
  • How to do your own solar shade analysis
  • How to choose the right appliances so you use far less power (requiring much less $ power system) but yet are able to live normally
  • How to choose the right off grid components (inverter, batteries, solar panels, charge controller, hydro generator, etc)
  • How to use the equipment properly
  • How to maintain the equipment for long life (especially batteries)

This course is not a "fluffy" overview with lots of generalities.  It is packed full of the details you need to make good decisions and successfully set up a quality power system with a reasonable budget.

Off Grid Boot Camp consists of 9 modules, with each module containing numerous lessons.  It is primarily video based, with over 35 hours of content.  Each content module contains an overview so you don't have to get into all the details unless you need them.  But when you need details, we've got you covered!

Also included are over 130 pages of detailed printable outlines to keep you organized and for easy review.

The course also contains numerous sizing calculators that will make your life so much easier, as they have mine.  Battery sizing, generator sizing, solar system sizing, and more are included.

We know what it's like to figure things out on your's difficult, costly, and discouraging.  We've got you covered!  Included with Off Grid Boot Camp, you'll get access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group for Q&A, as well as email support when you have questions or need assistance with something.

Off Grid Boot Camp is an online course that offers incredible flexibility.  Not only do you get instant access to everything, but you have the option of using it online and/or downloading the content to your computer for permanent storage.  And there is no timeframe for you to take the course in--it's all at your own pace.

To get this level of detail, you'd have to take a course for professional solar installers which typically runs $2,000-5,000!  But all this is yours, along with support, for only $597.  No recurring fees--just a one time cost and you're done!

Here are some unsolicited comments from students:

""You really do cover everything a person needs to know about this topic.   It is very much worth the $297 you are charging.   I doubt if there is a better info source anywhere.  Thank you for the awesome service." - Bob S.

"I took this 'OFF GRID BOOT CAMP' and it was VERY VERY worth the money it cost.  I can highly recommend it." - Howard H.

"I’m enjoying your off grid boot camp program...I just wanted to mention that your videos are all meat and no fluff.  They are a treasure trove of information and I am learning a lot...Once again, kudos to you on the boot camp.  It is a real meat and potatoes program . . . not a diet cola program." - John R.

"The best money I ever spent!" - David P.