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THE gardening DVD set to transform your raw dirt into a highly productive garden. Learn how to break up, test & balance the soil, plant and care for plants in this amazing 6-DVD set.

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Having the ability to preserve food is of little value if you have no food to preserve.  That's where gardening comes in.

Whether you live off the grid or not, it's essential to be able to grow your own food.  Think of it as one of those basic skills that every human must have!

The Gardening Collection is a 6-DVD collection that contains the following DVDs:

Fall Gardening (2 DVDs)

In this double-DVD set, you'll learn the key building blocks for starting out your garden successfully.  You'll learn why Fall is the best time to start preparing your garden and how to do it right--step by step--from breaking up virgin ground to planting a fall crop.  You'll see how to take a soil sample and add the right amendments for balancing your soil, so your food not only looks pretty, but more importantly so it is super packed with nutrition.

When it comes to having a secure food source, diversity is so important.  If you lose certain crops from an infestation of pests or disease or weather related problems, being diversified can save the day.   Problems that impact one crops may leave another one untouched, so large and small fruits are an essential addition to any vegetable garden.  Our Fruit Culture DVD shows you how to handle small fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and grapes in addition to larger fruits like apples.  You'll learn how to save yourself a ton of money by grafting your own new fruit trees, how to prune fruit trees, how to propagate grapes, and more.

Spring Gardening (3 DVDs)

Spring Gardening picks up where Fall Gardening left off.  The 3 DVDs in this set teach you how to wake up your garden in the Spring, how to direct plant and transplant in the garden beds, caring for the young tender plants, scaling up to large field crops, step by step instructions on building a low cost compost bin that really works, and much more!

Year Round Gardening (1 DVD)

This DVD takes you on a tour of a working small scale farm that grows produce all year long.  You'll learn tips for success, especially for growing in the cold seasons.  Topics covered include hoop houses, row covers, starting and transplanting seedlings, irrigation, and useful resources for aspiring year-round gardeners.