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Lisa and I have been cooking up something extra special for you this holiday season...

If you’ve been around us for long, you know that when we run a holiday special, it truly is the biggest sale of the year—by far!  And this year is no exception!  It really is over the top and we are super excited.  And on top of the huge savings, this year’s holiday special even includes a brand new release that has never been available before. This 6-DVD set is called Sustainable Preparedness 101 and covers the core skills you need to know for setting up an independent homestead and how to start this process right now, wherever you are and whatever your situation is.

Sustainable Preparedness 101 dives into the first steps you need to take right now, and covers what you need to know about everything from evaluating a home or property, to renewable energy systems, independent water systems, heating with wood, food independence, and even natural health remedies to help you care for your family now and in times of disaster!

And here’s the really exciting part: we’ll be giving away this 6-DVD set FOR FREE as part of this holiday special.

​You have likely heard of our practical homesteading DVDs that have helped literally thousands of folks across the world learn the practical nuts and bolts skills they need to become as independent as possible from the systems of the world.  I’m particularly concerned about how utterly dependent almost everyone is on "the system" for their most basic necessities of life--such as water, heat, and food.

For years, we've been steadily producing more and more training DVDs by numerous experts, in an effort to shorten your learning curve, and save you the time and money that would be lost from needless mistakes.

We’re talking about skills like gardening, dealing with fruit trees, developing a springhead, food preservation, wood cook stoves, natural remedies, and much more.

Really, we just want to see you succeed, and time and again we have seen what an incredible impact it makes to have access to the right training ahead of time.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of chasing down rabbit trails, wasting my time and money by trying out some hair brained theory dreamed up by an arm chair "expert" and posted on Youtube. I don't have time for that. I want solid info presented by an instructor with lots of real world experience. I want to learn the methods that just plain work. That's what our DVDs are all about, and now you’ll be able to have them all.

Our holiday special this year includes what we call our “Everything” DVD set.  You’ll get every DVD we currently offer, plus 6 that we have not yet released, and 2 books.  All in all, it’s a total of 34 DVDs that are broken into 7 convenient sets that make it easy to find what you are looking for. Those individual sets are completely stand-alone, so they would also make wonderful Christmas gifts if you already own some or just want to share a practical gift with those you love.

The Gardening Collection

​The Gardening Collection

The Gardening Collection is a 6-DVD collection with our Fall Gardening, Spring Gardening, and Year-Round Gardening DVDs. This is foundational training for anyone wanting to have a successful garden. It contains the following DVDs:

​Fall Gardening

In the Fall Gardening double-DVD set, you'll learn the key building blocks for starting out your garden successfully.  You'll learn why Fall is the best time to start preparing your garden and how to do it right--step by step--from breaking up virgin ground to planting a fall crop.  You'll see how to take a soil sample and add the right amendments for balancing your soil, so your food not only looks pretty, but more importantly so it is super packed with nutrition.

When it comes to having a secure food source, diversity is so important.  If you lose certain crops from an infestation of pests or disease or weather related problems, being diversified can save the day.   Problems that impact one crops may leave another one untouched, so large and small fruits are an essential addition to any vegetable garden.  Our Fruit Culture DVD shows you how to handle small fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and grapes in addition to larger fruits like apples.  You'll learn how to save yourself a ton of money by grafting your own new fruit trees, how to prune fruit trees, how to propagate grapes, and more.

Fall Gardening DVD Set

​Spring Gardening

​Spring Gardening picks up where Fall Gardening left off.  The 3 DVDs in this set teach you how to wake up your garden in the Spring, how to direct plant and transplant in the garden beds, caring for the young tender plants, scaling up to large field crops, step by step instructions on building a low cost compost bin that really works, and much more!

​Year Round Gardening

Year Round Gardening takes you on a tour of a working small scale farm that grows produce all year long.  You'll learn tips for success, especially for growing in the cold seasons.  Topics covered include hoop houses, row covers, starting and transplanting seedlings, irrigation, and useful resources for aspiring year-round gardeners.

Fruit Culture Collection

​The Fruit Culture Collection

When it comes to having a secure food source, diversity is so important.

If you lose certain crops from an infestation of pests or disease or weather related problems, being diversified can save the day as problems that impact one crops may leave another one untouched.  So large and small fruits are an essential addition to any vegetable garden.

Our double DVD Fruit Culture Collection shows you how to handle small fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and grapes in addition to larger fruits like apples.

You'll learn how to save yourself a ton of money by grafting your own new fruit trees, how to prune fruit trees, how to propagate grapes, and more.

Planting By the Blueprint

And speaking of fruit trees, Planting By The Blueprint demonstrates a very unusual method of planting fruit trees that many have found to yield exceptional results.

Fruit trees take years to bear much fruit, and this unique method gives your new fruit trees the start they need to grow quickly and grow strong.  This is required watching before you plant fruit trees.

Planting by the Blueprint

Preserving The Harvest

The holiday special also includes our Preserving The Harvest 4-DVD set.  This thorough yet concise set visually demonstrates the various ways to preserve your food for use during the winter.

You'll learn all about canning with an actual demonstration of both water bath and pressure canning.  It's not scary and in fact, it can actually be fun if you know what you're doing.

You'll learn how to properly dehydrate food and preserve the maximum nutrient content.  And while you'll get to see different electric dehydrators in action, we'll also tell you about a cheap solar dehydrator that we made.

Some foods just work better frozen, and we'll walk you through the process of doing it properly.  We'll also go through how to prepare food for being frozen.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to extend the useful life of your refrigerated, frozen and non-perishable food items.  But there are some important cautions to be aware of.  You'll learn all about it and will even find out a trick I discovered where I can get the equipment needed to vacuum seal jars for only $30.

​Culturing is one of the oldest forms of food preservation known to man and has been largely forgotten--you'll learn how simple and effective it is with real life demos of making sauerkraut, cultured vegetables, and yogurt.

Grains like wheat can store very well for many many years if stored properly, but if you don't follow the right techniques that we show you, I've seen wheat be unfit for use in a year or less.  We'll show you how to avoid that.

Root cellars are nature's refrigerator and can actually keep food in good condition for longer than a refrigerator if properly set up.  You'll learn the important factors you need to know about and will get a tour of several working root cellars for ideas of how others have done it.

Some produce like garlic and onions needs to be cured properly in order to be usable and last for months.  It's very simple and we'll show you how it's done.

Finally, have you ever wanted to learn how to make really delicious bread and never could get it to turn out right?  We've got you covered.  While bread making is not not a food preservation skill, it is a food related skill that many folks would like to learn, and after many requests, we are including it in this awesome set.

In addition to all that, you'll learn how to plan your food needs out and actually come up with a fairly accurate estimate of what food and how much food your family actually uses and needs.  The method we teach in these videos will make sure the food you store never gets too old and that you don't end up with a bunch of disgusting food stashed in your basement waiting until it goes bad.  This is for a working pantry in a homestead that is perpetually prepared, not a doomsday bunker.

Artisans Collection Cookbook

The Contemporary Artisan's
Collection Cookbook

​Making a tasty meal straight from the garden is often an unfamiliar task that many find difficult.  With this in mind, you'll be getting The Contemporary Artisan's Collection book.

In this practical cookbook, you'll get many recipes and ideas for how to make delicious meals when eating from your garden.  But it's more than just a cookbook.  It also has a host of helpful tips for storing, preserving, and using food on the homestead.

This is probably the most unique cookbook you've ever seen.

​Homestead Skills Collection

This is an amazing collection of DVDs that cover a ton of really practical homesteading skills--and that's why it's called the Homestead Skills Collection.

I'll give you a quick look at what comes in this 6-DVD set.

It starts out with the only totally independent and reliable source of heat--and that's wood heat.

Homestead Skills Collection
Wood Cook Stoves

​Getting Started With Wood Cook Stoves

​The most versatile way to heat with wood is using a modern Amish made wood cook stove.  With one fire, you can not only heat your home, but also heat your hot water and cook & bake your food--all with one fire.  Our DVD Getting Started With Wood Cook Stoves shows you how to properly use and get the most out of your stove.  It covers everything from choosing the right wood to the nuts and bolts of how to actually cook with wood cook stove.

​Dealing With Fire On The Homestead

​When living in a rural area, it is especially important to prevent a home fire, since it could take a while for the fire department to arrive.  In our DVD Dealing With Fire On The Homestead, a rural fire chief walks you through the important precautions you need to know about.  In addition, anyone who heats with wood should be aware of several common sense rules that make a chimney fire all but obsolete.  But what if the unthinkable happens and you have a fire?  What do you do?  You'll learn straight from the fire chief's mouth what your best course of action is.  Even wildland fires are covered in this important presentation.

Dealing With Fire DVD
The Lost Art Of Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy

​The Lost Art of Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy

​All the other things we've mentioned are of little use if you are incapacitated from sickness.  I believe we may see more and more superbugs in the days ahead, perhaps similar to the Spanish Flu of 1918.  And while there is a lot of attention given to the benefits of herbal remedies, there is another modality that is largely untapped and is incredibly helpful.  In fact, as best we can tell from historical records, it is one of the only treatments that was very successful in dealing with the 1918 Spanish Flu.  I'm talking about hydrotherapy--the use of water externally on the body, often using a contrast of hot and cold.  What could be a simpler remedy than water?  But we have found it to be incredibly effective when dealing with sickness. In fact, I think I'm safe in saying that while we certainly do use herbs, these little-known hydrotherapy treatments are our most used first line option when dealing with many health related concerns.  You'll learn all about it in our DVD/e-book combo, The Lost Art Of Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy.   The DVD demonstrates each step of each treatment so you can see it in action, while the printable e-book (PDF format) presents important details.

​Tools For Country Living

​Tools For Country Living walks you through an experienced homesteader's tool room and demonstrates what to look for and what sort of useful tools you might find at a yard sale for little to nothing.  Most of these tools are low tech non electric hand tools that are incredibly useful on any homestead.

Tools For Country Living
Springhead Development

​Springhead Development

​Then of course, there is water--perhaps the king of all the necessities.  While most folks realize that being on a municipal water system is not a good idea, they don't think about the fact that most folks living in the county have a well and that well does them no good when the power is down (thank to the electric pump).  But while there are ways to set up a well independently, there's an often forgotten water source that used to be extremely common years ago--springs.  Thanks to springs naturally pushing their water out of the ground without a pump, they can present some great options for water independence, such as a gravity flow system.  But it all starts with a good spring, properly developed, protected from surface contamination, and channeled into a pipe.  How do you do that?  Our DVD Springhead Development demonstrates in real life how to do it using a time tested method developed by a man with many springhead's under his belt.

​Urban Danger

​While it's an important necessity to learn the nuts and bolts of homesteading, sometimes it really helps to just take a tour of homesteads where folks are actually implementing various aspects of this lifestyle.  That's exactly what you'll find in our epic DVD Urban Danger.  Not only will you get to tour a wide variety of homesteads and see how they do things, you'll find it to be quite inspirational to see the impact this lifestyle has had on their lives.  This is also a great DVD for sharing with folks you care about if you are hoping they will consider making a transition in this direction.

Urban Danger

​Food Growers Guidelines

Food Grower's Guidelines DVD Set

One of our most popular products is a DVD set that I consider to be required for anyone who is serious about food independence.

It all started several years ago when we decided to put our money where our mouth was and take a 5-day intensive hands-on gardening course by Bob Gregory, a man that I consider to be one of the foremost experts on all things gardening.

It cost $500 a person at that time (it's over $600 now) and I can tell you that it was worth every penny.  But I realize that not everyone can take a week off of work, travel to West Virginia, and pay $600+ for a gardening course.  So I talked with Bob and we decided to record his training course and put it on DVD for the benefit of those who could not attend in person.

​It's called Food Grower's Guidelines and it turned into a 9+ hour 6-DVD course that is absolutely packed with the training you need to take your garden to the next level.  A hobby garden is not good enough.  We all need a garden that reliably produces LOTS of nutritious food.  That is what Bob teaches you to do in this set, coming from a scientific approach, as opposed to what I see so many folks do.  Not only do you learn about soil science, but you'll learn the best approaches for dealing with pests--such as how to use the disease triangle to your advantage and avoid costly and damaging sprays whenever possible.  I can't recommend this training enough!

Solar Power Basics

​This 4-DVD set starts with an extremely popular online mini-course that we put together and greatly expands it.  You’ll take a tour through our off grid home, learn what components go into an off grid solar system, how they all fit together, and how you can start this whole process right now.

You’ll learn all about off grid batteries, how to choose the right ones and maintain them properly.  Nick shares with you how to dramatically cut the cost of your power system by becoming energy efficient.

​Nick covers what you need to know about solar panels and charge controllers, and even how to do your own solar shade analysis to determine how much shade you can expect any month of the year.

Solar Power Basics

And you’ll also learn what things you can start doing NOW to begin your off grid transition.  And if you are a woman and wondering whether you could live off the grid, there’s a section just for you too.

Sustainable Preparedness Book

​Sustainable Preparedness Book

Many feel that “preparedness” is a good thing.  They store gallon jugs of water, stock their pantry with canned food, buy a generator and gas cans, invest in a few gold or silver coins.  But what if the issues we face are more than a short-term problem?  more than just a few days of interruption...

Wouldn’t it be nice to live a lifestyle with Sustainable Preparedness already built in?  One that combines peace of mind with a superior quality of life?  A simpler lifestyle that places priority on the most important things?  It is within the grasp of anyone...even you. This practical handbook is great for someone who wants to have this incridible training in 'black and white'. Chapters include: The First Steps, Making a Living in the Country, Finding Your Country Property, The Home Grocery Store, Becoming Energy Independent, Independent Water Systems, Heating with Wood, Essentials for Making a Home Independent, Will the Children be Deprived, and Equipping for Country Living​.

​NEW - Sustainable Preparedness 101

This 6-DVD set covers the core skills you need to know for setting up an independent homestead as well as how to start this process right now, wherever you are and whatever your situation is.

In this much requested DVD set, we help you figure out your very first steps to becoming independent—you know, the things you can start doing right now. The journey of 1,000 mile begins with the first step, so this is incredibly important.

After connecting with hundreds of people who are transitioning to a more independent lifestyle, we’ve observed that the #1 problem which seems to keep popping up, is work. How do you make a living when moving to a new rural location? Not everyone has to move, but if you do need to move, then making a living is something you need to look at NOW. We’ve observed that those who carefully work out their occupation situation ahead of time usually fare a LOT better than those who “wing it”.

We really want you to be successful in making this transition, so we’ll be sharing some tips that I think will help you plan wisely for making a living after relocating to a country home. You’ll also learn about what to look for and what to look out for, when purchasing a piece of land or a country home.  My dad shares these tips from his decades of experience with building and developing.

One of the most important features that your homestead needs, is water.  You simply cannot live without it. But the vast majority of homes—even in the country—are only one utility outage away from being waterless. In this DVD set Nick shares the essential things you need to know about water systems in order to make them truly independent, so they can function even during utility outages.

And speaking of utilities, the kingpin of them all is electricity.  What would you do without it?  How many other systems on your homestead would fail without power? That’s why we are big advocates of renewable energy systems.  And in this DVD set you’ll get a crash course in how to get started with energy independence while maintaining a comfortable modern lifestyle.

Heat is one of the most important necessities of life.  And the vast majority of heating systems are dependent on utilities in order to function.  All except wood heat! And in this DVD set, you’ll get a good primer on how to heat your home with wood—safely and effectively.

What about food on your homestead?  You can’t forget that!  And in this DVD set you’ll get an introduction to growing and preserving your own food—independently—on your homestead.

Here’s something that folks often overlook—what about health care?  In this DVD set, I share from many years of experience at numerous natural health centers to help you take control of your health. You’ll learn simple natural remedies that really work for your family’s health both now, and in times of disaster.  And it’s also an awesome way to be a blessing to others in need.

Finally, Sustainable Preparedness 101 covers “What” a sustainably prepared lifestyle looks like and “Why” it’s so important—from a Christian perspective.

You will learn the biblical evidence for why country living and sustainable preparedness are essential in these last days. This was what really convinced us to take the plunge and implement these things in our lives.

This 6-DVD set has NEVER been released before.  In fact, it’s so new that we are still finishing it up right now. When we release it in the future, it will probably sell for $79.99, but RIGHT NOW, during this holiday special only, you can get it FOR FREE! Since we are still putting the finishing touches on it, we may have to ship this set to you separately in the next month or so.  But it’s yours FOR FREE if you act now on this amazing special.

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