Independence 101

11 Lessons Easy

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STEP 1 - Define your main objective

What is the main, overarching thing that you are trying to accomplish?  It’s a common mistake to choose something you think is your “objective” and later realize that it is only an intermediate step toward something bigger and better.

For instance, Let’s say that your “objective” is to move to the country.  But if you ask yourself the question “Why?” it might reveal that your main objective is to live an independent/self-reliant lifestyle.  In that case, moving to a rural location with some acreage is simply one of the steps needed to accomplish your main objective.

Let’s face it, most folks that live in the country are just as dependent as city dwellers.  But when you remember that your main objective is independence, you’ll realize that location is only one of several factors that make up a self-reliant homestead.  So you need to keep the overarching objective in mind.  Make sense?

STEP 2 - Roadblocks

The next step is to think of the roadblocks that are keeping you from taking action on your objective right now—as many of them as possible.

Most likely you won’t be able to think of them all immediately, so it’s a list that you’ll be adding to in the future.  But you want to go ahead and make a start with the obvious things.

It’s a human nature thing to anticipate that some new and unknown task is going to be more difficult than it really is.  Once you dive in, how many times have you discovered “hey, that wasn’t so bad”?  So it’s helpful to sit down and quantify what those roadblocks actually are.  You might be surprised.  And listing the roadblocks is an essential task before you can take the next step.

This course will be very helpful in finding your roadblocks and you’ll probably discover some unknown ones as you work your way through it.

STEP 3 - Solutions

Once you’ve found some roadblocks, we are not going to spend even one moment bemoaning them or being overwhelmed about them!  No way!  We are going to start working on solutions for overcoming each and every roadblock—one-at-a-time.  And it’s not going to be the impossible task that you may be envisioning.

Oh, and that one-at-a-time part is really important!

Have you ever heard the saying, “inch by inch, anythings a synch”?  Well it couldn’t be more true than it is now.

In this course we are going to focus on solutions and arming you with the resources you need to start overcoming your roadblocks, one-by-one.

STEP 4 - Goals, Goals, and Micro-goals

Once you have some roadblocks and solutions worked out, it’s time to get out of the realm of theory and start doing.  But it’s so easy to get distracted with the busyness of life.  And there’s also the danger that you will become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.

That’s why this step is SOOOO important.

We are going to break each solution down into small actionable micro-goals, and then we’ll schedule them out—setting targets for ourselves.

This goals thing is REALLY important, because it not only keeps you on track and making progress, but it also gives you the ability to look back over the past weeks and months and see all the progress that you made (even on those days when it feels like you haven’t gotten a thing done!).

And that’s how simple this is.


To recap, here are the steps:

  1. Define your main objective
  2. List your roadblocks
  3. Find solutions for those roadblocks
  4. Break the solutions into micro-goals and schedule them

Please, don’t overthink this and get bogged down in the quagmire of details.  Yes, details are important, but let’s not lose the forest for the trees.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins how?  With the first step!

And this is your first step.  You are about to create your own roadmap to independence.

Course Structure


Starting With Independence

Please take a couple minutes to read this before jumping in!

It's a quick overview of this course so you get the most out of it and end up with your roadmap to independence.


The First Step

In this lesson we look at things you can start doing right now.


Start Getting Out Of Debt

Debt can be a "ball and chain" around your neck.  NOW is the best time to start shedding it.  Here's a step-by-step method that has been proven to work...



Your future movements will be much easier if you are "lighter".  And you won't need such a large home either.


Grow Your Skillset

Anything new skills you can learn now will be incredibly helpful on your future homestead.  Also, now's the time to think about retraining for your future employment (if necessary).


Practice Makes Perfect

Rather than waiting for some unknown time to start doing, why not get your feet wet now?  There's a lot you can do NOW to start getting practical experience that will be valuable in the future.


Collect Equipment

Now is the perfect time to start acquiring tools and equipment that will be useful in your new life.  You also may be making more money now than you will in the future, so anything necessary that you can buy now will be a huge help.


Take Care Of Yourself

There will never be a better time than now to work on getting your health straightened out.  Start now so you can enter your new homestead with a clean bill of health (if possible) or at least improved health.


Disaster Preparedness

Since you are probably in a vulnerable position right now, there are some simple things you can do to make yourself better prepared for a short-term disaster.  That way you have done something now to tide you over until your long-term homesteading plans are in place.


Start Your Off Grid Transition

While your current position may not be ideal for going off the grid, there are a number of things you can do NOW to start the process and make it easier to go off the grid in the future.


Work On Employment

One of the biggest challenges that most folks face at their new homestead is making a living.  What they didn't realize is, they should have been working on employment long before making the move.  Here's some advice for how to do this wisely.