Independence 101

11 Lessons Easy

About this course

In this basic course, we'll give you a bunch of ideas to get you off of "bottom dead center" and start your transition to independent living.  Whatever that looks like--off the grid, homesteading, a simpler life, security--this course will help you identify what you are looking for and how to get there.

Starting With Independence

Please take a couple minutes to read this before jumping in!

It's a quick overview of this course so you get the most out of it and end up with your roadmap to independence.

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The First Step

In this lesson we look at things you can start doing right now.

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Start Getting Out Of Debt

Debt can be a "ball and chain" around your neck.  NOW is the best time to start shedding it.  Here's a step-by-step method that has been proven to work...

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Your future movements will be much easier if you are "lighter".  And you won't need such a large home either.

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Grow Your Skillset

Anything new skills you can learn now will be incredibly helpful on your future homestead.  Also, now's the time to think about retraining for your future employment (if necessary).

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Practice Makes Perfect

Rather than waiting for some unknown time to start doing, why not get your feet wet now?  There's a lot you can do NOW to start getting practical experience that will be valuable in the future.

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Collect Equipment

Now is the perfect time to start acquiring tools and equipment that will be useful in your new life.  You also may be making more money now than you will in the future, so anything necessary that you can buy now will be a huge help.

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Take Care Of Yourself

There will never be a better time than now to work on getting your health straightened out.  Start now so you can enter your new homestead with a clean bill of health (if possible) or at least improved health.

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Disaster Preparedness

Since you are probably in a vulnerable position right now, there are some simple things you can do to make yourself better prepared for a short-term disaster.  That way you have done something now to tide you over until your long-term homesteading plans are in place.

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Start Your Off Grid Transition

While your current position may not be ideal for going off the grid, there are a number of things you can do NOW to start the process and make it easier to go off the grid in the future.

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Work On Employment

One of the biggest challenges that most folks face at their new homestead is making a living.  What they didn't realize is, they should have been working on employment long before making the move.  Here's some advice for how to do this wisely.

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