Start Getting Out Of Debt

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  • jacobsnorma says:

    Independence 101 makes such perfect sense.! I am enjoying the course so far. And while I am quite a ways away from getting off the grid; I've been thinking about/exploring the idea of a raised garden in my tiny backyard. I don't have to wait until I'm in the country to begin gardening. In addition, I just recently developed a workable budget and started a savings plan. One of my goals is purchase a non-electric water purifier. We buy drinking water, and it is not cheap.

    Thank you for this free class!


    • Thank so much, Norma! So glad it's been helpful. You might look into one Berkey water filters (here's one option: ). That's pretty much the one that we used except that we didn't have the fluoride filters since we were filtering well water instead of city water. Here's the Berkey Filters website:

      Hope that helps. Take care,

  • Pen