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Lessons learned on the journey toward independence​

In our blog is a wealth of knowledge that we've accumulated over many years of off-grid living, as well as the lessons we've learned through trial and error. Our experience in the School of Hard Knocks has taught us valuable lessons that we are excited to share with you. In addition to our own expertise, we've also hand-selected a group of guest contributors who are experts in their respective fields. Their contributions provide even more valuable insights into homesteading, off-grid living, and emergency preparedness. We hope you enjoy learning from their knowledge and experience as much as we have!

Blog Categories

Off-Grid Power

Electricity is the kingpin in modern homes. Without it, many essential systems can't function.  Learn how to make your own power with solar, micro hydro, and other sources.

Growing Food

Learn to grow your own food with tips on starting a homestead garden, including vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, small fruits, composting, and more in this section.

Storing Food

Learn to preserve and store your own food with off grid kitchen tips, recipes, and info about  canning, dehydrating, and other food preservation related topics in this section.

Off-Grid Heat

Many heating systems can't operate without power, which leaves your family vulnerable for this basic necessity. Learn how to keep your home warm as independently as possible with options like wood heat and other low-power or non-electric sources.


Most water systems are completely dependent on the power company. Learn how to make yours as independent as possible so your family has a reliable source of water.


Prevention and preparation are key to ensuring safety, covering physical security, home fire protection, wildland fire preparedness, and more in this section.


Communications is an often overlooked part of preparedness and homesteading. Learn how to stay in touch while living in a remote location as well as during emergencies.  


No matter how prepared you are, your health is essential, and in this section, you can learn about home and natural remedies used for centuries to address medical issues.

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